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12 January 1990
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nce upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a princess. Her name was Jessica and she was, at that time, fully twenty years old. As a rising sophomore in College, she lived in a residence hall at the school which is located outside of Boston, MA. She loved where she was and couldn't imagine having chosen any other school! If you want to know a little about her, you might start with her love of reading, writing, and history. Within history, her favorite time periods are Victorian England, The French Revolution, the Napoleonic Empire, The American Revolution, and some aspects of the Civil War. She has slight historical crushes on Napoleon, Robespierre, and Alexander Hamilton... She loves to get lost in books - most written during her favorite time periods - and get engaged in any discussion about them. Often times, she would prefer to be in the book, rather than reading it!
oving and sweet, she often got caught up in dreams, fairy tales, and a mixture thereof. She would probably consider herself a bit on the odd side and more than a little dreamy and spacey when the mood suits her. In reality, she was what could be considered a traditional young lady who is gentle, romantic, and idealistic. Sometimes, this got in the way of reality - but, she always found a way through - usually in one piece. Her daily recordings of love, life, and the unending succession of crazy events that define her all appear in this logue. However, it is friends only, so if you wish to request her friendship, please do! She is very quick to make friends and adores comments.

Maximilien Robespierre is Incorruptible love.

Louis-Antoine Saint-Just is revolutionary love.

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